why our collgepost2

The college has the system of assessing students to identify the gaps in learning before starting of the teaching through quiz, group discussions etc. Special classes are arranged for disadvantaged students. Audio visual aids are occasionally used to teach in classes. There is one classroom equipped with LCD projector Laptop to teach the students is & when required. Tutorial classes are arranged for the Honours course students. There are departmental libraries in seven departments. The working hours of the central library is from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. The college has 83 sanctioned teaching posts out of which only 67 faculty members are sharing the teaching workload of the college. All the teachers are qualified and approved by the university and U.G.C. Admissions to the courses of study are made in accordance with the norms of the University and policy of reservation of the Govt. of Bihar. The teacher student ratio is 1:39.08.