The Principal of the college is the head of the institution. All activities related to administration, academic, games and sports, cooperation with university administration, finance etc. is under the Supervision & control of Principal. There are committees to help the Principal in the various activities of the college. These committees meet once in a month to discuss the various issues related to infrastructure, administration, admission, scholarships, sports and athletics, cultural activities, library, purchase etc. The management also has the practice of meeting the staff half yearly. The college follows an academic calendar published by the university. The requirement of staff recruitment is assessed on the basis of the information provided by the Head of the Departments. The ratio of teachers to non-teaching staff is 2:3. There is a self-appraisal method, which is used by the university for the purpose of promotion of faculty members. The performance of the teachers is monitored by the college through the record of daily progress in a Diary provided to each teacher. The performance of the non-teaching staff is also monitored through the work allotted and  its completion. Skill development programs in computer training are conducted for skill up gradation of the non-teaching staff computer literate.

The college receives salary grant from the State Government through the University, other grants for labs, Libraries are received from U.G.C. donations for building construction was also received from Marwari Vittiya Samiti. The Development fees from the students are collected and used to provide facilities to the students of the college.

Marwari Vittiya Samiti provides partial support in developing the infrastructure of the college. They often meet the college administration and vice -chancellor to seek guidance.